Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crossing the Continent to the Left Coast (Part VI)

After 828 miles of Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada we are stopping for the night. I can tell you that my favorite state for scenery thus far is Utah.

The tiny pictures above do not do it justice. The first was taken after entering Utah from the desolate, barren Wyoming. Green was nice to see on the hill sides, and going downhill was a big plus too. The view on I-80 up to Salt Lake City was simply amazing. Then, we travelled through the salt flats of Utah. AMAZING. We had our first bit of rain over the approximate 100 miles of salt. Is this where Mormons search for souls? Maybe they take non-Mormons, give them some salt from here on their food, and it magically converts them. Or maybe it's what makes their women so fertile to grow the religion.

Either way, I'm pooped for the night. On to Reno and then San Francisco tomorrow!


Nikolas said...

OMG, I'm glad you liked Utah! You and I have got to go exploring there. SLC is fun and very pretty: you'd love/hate Temple Square, for instance.

Utah's REAL badassery, though, is outside the cities. From Bear Lake and the Asheville-esque Logan in the north to the Wasatch Range where I learned to run to Moab, St. George, and the unimaginably gorgeous national parks (Zion is my favorite!!) in the South, Utah is THE PLACE to go for outdoors exploration.

Wanna make a goal of going for a decent-length trip after I graduate?

Anonymous said...

Utah is gorgeous! I lived in SLC for about a year and I really liked it. The city isn't as overwhelmingly Mormon as most people think it is--well, OK, it kind of is, but not in a way that precludes a decent queer scene and lots of fun stuff to do--and the view from pretty much everywhere is amazing.