Monday, September 6, 2010

Crossing the Continent to the Left Coast! (Part I)

Well, I got a job in San Francisco - godless, gay, liberal Mecca, BUT home to MUCH woo-woo that I'm sure you will hear about on my blog.

I'm currently crossing the country, driving the I-80 route with my dad towing many of my possessions in a 6'x12' U-Haul trailer. It's been a pretty smooth ride so far. We started in Nashville, NC and left around 8:30AM yesterday. After traveling down I-40 to Winston Salem we caught 52 North past Pilot Mountain into Virgina, then West Virginia (onto I-77 via I-74), hopping on to I-64 west at Charleston, entering Kentucky, and finally getting all the way to Ferdinand, Indiana. We're a few miles away from one of the largest water theme parks on the North American Continent called Holiday World - in fact, they have the longest water slide in the world (interestingly, after asking how long the slide must be to be the longest slide in the world, the hotel front desk worker responded that it is effectively "two minutes" long. I'm not an avid water slide lover, so I'm not exactly sure how long that is). The comfort Inn we're staying at is FULL of children age 2-12 and their parents who don't know how to make sure they behave.

I've been using the "check in" feature on Facebook mobile to let my friends know where I am throughout the day. I started checking in at local churches as we passed by, because I figured that you all might get a kick out of thinking that I'm stopping in to pay my "respects" or something.

We're on the edge of the time zone change and are up early to get on the road with some sunshine. We made it about 670 miles yesterday. I'll try to log on and let you know how we do today!

Talk to you again in another 700 miles or so :-)

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