Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crossing the Continent to the Left Coast (Part IV)

Renewable energy anyone? Wyoming has brought lots of windmills and cattle ranches thus far ... as well as a transmission fluid pressure leak :-/ Dad and I are proceeding with caution and will let you know what's up after getting through Laramie - hopefully there will be no gay bashing while I'm visiting.


Nikolas said...

Hey! I've been to Laramie. I didn't realize you were going to be taking I-80, but I guess that makes sense. You know what this means? You'll drive through SLC! Unfortunately, there aren't any really good views of the city from the interstate unless it's night, but who cares?

Also, you'll drive through the Bonneville Salt Flats: the remnants of the prehistoric sea named Lake Bonneville. Lake Bonneville covered most of Utah until the end of the last ice age when the dam broke at Red Rock Pass in present-day Idaho. What resulted was the SECOND-LARGEST FLOOD IN GEOLOGIC HISTORY.

I hope you're not having too much trouble breathing. Laramie is just under 1.4 miles above sea level, which means the air is about 25% thinner than you're used to. On the plus side, if you cook something, you get to follow the high-altitude directions. (Water boils at ~ 199F or 93C at that elevation.)

Cookulacrates said...

OMFZ! Nik, Utah is my FAVORITE state so far. The breathtaking views when entering Utah from Wyoming are enough to make it my favorite. But the salt flats are simply amazing. We were crossing the flats before sunset, driving off towards the sun setting over the rocky mountains, with a thunderstorm rolling across in front of us. It was simply amazing. I'll tell you more about it later.

Miss you guys already!

Nikolas said...

I wonder if you understand why I feel North Carolina is so fricking bland now? ;) Having grown up among scenery like you saw, I just feel dead inside since moving to NC.

Or maybe that's just my being a soulless ginger...

I'm glad you liked Utah! \(^_^)/