Thursday, June 9, 2011

In God We Teach

A video documentary is finally being put together about the Kearny, NJ case where a high school student exposed his history teaching for overtly evangelizing during class time to his students.  The student, Matthew LaClair, recorded his teacher, David Paszkiewicz, in the act of pushing creationism and religion in the middle of instruction time.  The ACLU has helped Matthew file a suit - standing up for his rights has resulted in harassment from students and teachers, as well as a death threat.

Here's a preview of the upcoming documentary:


Cindy said...

I'm really proud of him; I wish I had the guts to do it back in my day. Living in an all mindless Catholic/Christian, diversity free area was basically a one-way ticket to atheism for me, and it's staying that way.

Hope I can get to Cali soon, the Bible Belt is ridiculous. I see Bible picketeers outside my house every morning, with pictures of abortions (saline solution and other methods that account for less than 5% of abortions in the US).

Do we ever find out how the suit went?

Cookulacrates said...

Yeah, I wish I had courage like that too, Cindy. Unfortunately I was kept in the rabbit hole until college, so it took some time to realize how bad things really were.

Nothing like Catholic school to make a non-believer :-)

I'm not sure if the movie covers the result of the suit; in fact I'm not even sure there's an outcome yet. I'll find out and get back to you at some point.