Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yoga for Black People


It's funny because Asians can make these jokes but white people can't (as indicated by one of the commenters).


bigWOWO said...

Great blog you've got here! Love the atheist stuff.

I disagree with your statement on this post though. White people can and do make jokes like this. See here:


Cookulacrates said...

Haha - love the link you sent. Actually, I was being facetious in my comment, though it didn't come across that way in the digital realm.

Love your post on desperation morality by the way. Hopefully I can work my way through a few more of your posts.

Cookulacrates said...

Also, if you like the atheist stuff you should check out my podcast:


Me and some friends run this atheist blog and podcast - you can also download it through iTunes (RIP Steve Jobs).