Sunday, May 31, 2009

Religion Kills

How about a handgun with your Sunday morning coffee and salutation in the pews? The NYTimes has reported that Dr. George Tiller was gunned down in the middle of the church he was attending. Why? No one is quite sure, except he is a well known doctor who performs late-term abortions, but always within legal limits.

Where did this take place? Wichita, Kansas ... are you surprised? Probably not. He had been persecuted before, even shot in both arms yet recovered from the wounds. He had also been investigated by a citizen-initiated grand jury, according to the article.

I wonder if we'll see outcry from the catholic or protestant (any denomination) church as to the death of this man. Or will any claim that this is divine retribution for his career choice? If it were in my power I would prosecute the perpetrator with a hate crime. When separation of church and state cannot be maintained because of vigilantism, secular and social judgment should be swift and severe.

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