Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Like father, like son

Just because Kent Hovind is serving a 10 year jail sentence for tax evasion doesn't mean his creation ministry is bunk. Creationism is screwed up all on its own - the jail sentence is just a bonus in his case. However, Kent's son, Eric Hovind, seems to have every intention of taking the dummy baton and trying to place first in the race for the youngest and most stupid creationist.

Unfortunately his youth and slightly better use of graphics may make his pitch a little easier to young people in the church. If only we could get those young people to watch Bill Nye instead.

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Nikolas said...

WTF? How come Chairman Mao is featured in the dramatic montage of evolution-derived wickedness? Some of them, I get (some of the scenes make sense, given the theme of the message), but uh, Mao?