Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fake Religion Fakery

Twenty-one days until the presidential election, and both campaigns are out in full force. Currently the news looks disheartening for McCain as he's seen a big drop in poll numbers recently:

Social conservatives don't like the fact that they are about to lose their hold on the American government and have been showing their distaste accordingly:

The incompetence is running amok this election year ... though I'm not inclined to believe it's ignorance any more. Citizens motivated enough towards political activism (in this case organizing, making posters, and protesting) generally check their facts before writing on the white board. Even a cursory glance at the news online or on television would indicate the fallacies of this protest poster. This sort of display is less an example of ignorance to the facts as much as it is intellectually dishonest about the facts ... a much more dangerous sin.

I believe FiveThirtyEight.com said it best, "Just to be clear, we at FiveThirtyEight are against Muslim-murdering Presidential Christian babies !FOR! Ohio." And I here at 'A Journey to Reason' blogspot am against intellectual dishonesty and the propagation of false ideas.

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