Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ahhh for the Dark Ages

I don't have time to submit a full posting on any topic in particular, but I couldn't help but share this bit of news with anyone who might read. 'The View' on ABC has finally let Rosie O'Donnell go (thank Zeus!) and have replaced her with a black woman named Sherri Shepherd ... a creationist.

Yes, that's right ... a creationist. After all we must tolerate ALL view points, right? I've posted the link to the clip on youtube so that you can enjoy the sadness with me. You see, Whoopi Goldberg, by chance or sheer calculated cunning (I'm going with luck on this one), was trying to get Sherri to describe her view point and was attempting to toss her some softball questions. Along the way, she begins to lead with the question, "Do you believe that the world is flat?" Simple question - I suppose it deserves a simple answer. Response is .... "I don't know ... I've never thought about it before."


That's right, she continues to reiterate the point that she 'doesn't know' and then proceeds to say that she doesn't worry about such things - she's busy worrying about how to feed her son. Apparently it's too much to have to go to work to earn a living AND be smarter than a 2nd grader. But there you have it in the link to the left, in all its glory. Someone who isn't sure if the world is flat, and we're supposed to accept her belief in creationism as based on any sound or credible logic?

On that note of 'tolerance' - I find it interesting that people think science should be tolerant of creationism. When pollsters ask citizens whether or not they think creationism should be taught alongside evolution in the science classroom, the majority say yes. Why? Because we've hyped up the idea of DEMOCRACY so much, that people think Science is democratic ... nothing could be farther from the truth! Science rules with an iron fist - the reason it's wrong to 'teach the controversy' in the science classroom between creationism and evolution is because the very act is intellectually dishonest - THERE IS NO CONTROVERSY. On some later posts, I will undoubtedly tease this out into many individual arguments, but for now it should suffice to reason that Science is NOT tolerant of all view points. It eternally rejects those that are ignorant and stupid. As such, let's keep creationism out of school and leave it where it belongs ... on The View.

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Jake said...

Yea! Matthew you gave me something to do while I was lying here on the couch... at home... sick... out of work... and bored out of my 'creationed' mind!!! Thanks for being a team player! Love ya!!! Jason.